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Dreamfellas looks back on 10 iconic fashion trends that defined 2022.

Much like how music has the power to evoke powerful emotions and memories of the past, fashion has a similar effect. Think back to the days of layering dresses over jeans or bell-bottomed pants, a time period that one would easily be able to pinpoint when the aforementioned styles were all the rage.

Though fashion trends come and go, its impact makes a resounding impression in our minds that are always worth a revisit. And it’s certainly fun to look back on trends of the past, from seeing its initial manifestations to how it’s evolved in our current, modernised era.

If I only had two words to describe fashion in 2022, it would be experimental and revival, as most of what we’ve seen on the runways and on fashion aficionados are reimagined style staples from the past. From gothic pieces to the ultra-feminine pinks of barbiecore, Dreamfellas has catalogued a list of the best trends we’ve seen this year, in an on-going annual series titled, The Style Archives — essentially a spotify wrapped for fashion lovers in the 20th century. Without further ado, here are the 10 cultural game changers that have influenced our style and closets.

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Geek-chic has never been sexier since Louis Vuitton unveiled their Fall 2022 Ready-to-wear collection that saw leather jackets and crisp white shirts paired with floral ties. After its revelation, the internet has tied it to a subculture entitled ‘Academia’ or Dark/Light Academia — a style associated with preppy dressing and prep schools — depending on the choice of colour palette. It’s easy to see why this aesthetic was all the rage online, as its neutral toned colour palette consisting of black, white, beige and browns are easy to replicate as long as you’ve got a cardigan, blazer or knitted vest to layer on top of collared shirts.

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Looking to emulate Louis Vuitton’s Fall collection? You’ll be able to thrift an inspired look from local vintage and thrift stores as seen here.

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For most of us, ‘power’ dressing is often synonymous with broader silhouettes like menswear blazers to give off an emboldened look. Nowadays, power dressing takes on the form of hyper feminine aesthetics like Barbiecore, one that features predominantly pink clothing and dazzling sequins, further accentuated by platform heels. These bold pieces — popularised by brands like Valentino and Miu Miu — make for a timely trend in response to the highly anticipated live-action Barbie film starring Margot Robbie that is set to release next year.

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If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Barbie fever, fret not as Singapore based store Fuwari Shop houses upcycled & pre-loved pieces that look like they were handcrafted by Mattel for Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse.

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Doll up in Fuwari’s pieces here.

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The Wednesday Effect

Before the hit television series ‘Wednesday’ graced our screens, we had Julia Fox as our style icon for Grunge Sleaze, with the occasional serve of gothic realness. Since the explosion of the Addams Family modern interpretation, there’s been a slew of fashionistas posting outfits inspired by Jenna Ortega’s character in the show. Dubbed as moody glam, Goth/‘Grungewear’ can be distinguished by an affinity for corsets, mesh sleeves, intricate lace and a dark lip to accentuate the look.

See this list for a definitive guide to Gothcore jewellery stores.

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Y2K Revival

Trucker hats, bedazzled mini skirts and heavy buckles have been a closet must-have since the noughties — a cyclical trend that’s made a comeback in our current era. Thanks to the nostalgia fuelled generation of youths that constantly seek inspiration from the past, we’ve been seeing a surge of celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa donning brands that were king in the early 2000s such as Bluemarine, Von Dutch and Diesel just to name a few.

Get your hands on some gorgeous Y2K goodies from clothing to accessories on Vestiaire here.

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Gorpcore, which derives from the hiking phrase “Good ol’ Raisins and Peanuts” is a sartorial ode to the love of the outdoors. Referring to hiking or outdoor gear like nylon windbreakers, parachute pants and cargo skirts, these pieces are equal parts stylish and functional. Hopping on this trend is luxury houses like Prada and Gucci, that have embarked on collaborations with outdoor brands loved by hikers like North Face and Salomon — a welcomed marrying of two unlikely aesthetics that have taken the Spring/Summer 2023 runways by storm.

Prep for the ups and downs of our local hills with a pair of cargo bottoms from Plop Apparels here.

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Bare Midriffs

Let’s be real, flaunting the midriff is not for everyone — although in my opinion, it should be. It’s why the opinions on low-rise jeans were so polarising back in the day when all body types were not yet normalised in mainstream media. As internet users online have come to a consensus that fashion should be for all, many have been open to luxury houses like Miu Miu and Prada’s collections this year that featured a slew of mini skirts flaunting toned stomachs that act almost as an accessory befitting any supermodel out there.

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What I personally love most about this trend is that many different body types have taken to this style of dressing and owned it, proving that anyone can don a itty-bitty skirt or saggy jean as fashion truly has no rules.

Grab your own Miu Miu mini skirt here.

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Despite the short airtime that Balaclavas received, its impact was astronomical. What started as a simple head covering to accompany winter attire has since transformed into an accessory that’s essential for streetwear dressers who want to make a bold statement with their looks. Playfully dubbed by the internet as the hottest headwear for robbers, these online jokesters have got the notion half right; this look is definitely one that we’d be stealing and serving.

Bundle up with a Balaclava from TAKA original here.

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That’s Knit!

Following a love for knitted headgear as seen during the Balaclava trend, Louis Vuitton and Loewe have since made crochet and knitwear cool again during the later half of this year. Featuring stunning tops that incorporated colourful wool sleeves or entire sweaters made out of vibrant materials, many online were so taken by the style that they’ve decided to create some knitted pieces for themselves — myself included.

Look at our list of stunning knitwear that you can shop locally here.

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Top it off with a Vest

Hailed as the perfect put-together look for summer, throwing on a tailored vest to pair with oversized trousers and jackets were all the rage for regular folk and celebrities alike. The accessibility of this piece made it a great addition to everyone’s wardrobe. Whether you borrowed the vest from a relative that’s housed the piece in their closet for the longest time waiting for a special occasion to don it or found it at your local thrift store, everyone can agree that there’s simply no bad way of styling a vest as its gender neutral and flattering for most body types.

Get a weather appropriate vest fit for our tropical climate here.

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Move aside mom jeans, a new contender has entered the realm of parent-inspired fashion, otherwise known as Jorts. A hybrid of jeans and shorts, these dad-associated bottoms have been touted as a great companion to more masculine styles of dressing. We have Billie Eilish to thank for this, as the singer-songwriter is constantly seen in pants that hit just past the knee, but are short enough to flaunt her unique socks.

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In fact, more than just celebrities, these bottoms were seen everywhere, from runways like the Gucci resort 2023 and the Max Mara Pre-Fall 2022 show.

And if you’d like to get your hands on a pair of jorts, shop the look here, or simply bring a pair of scissors to an old pre-loved denim bottom.

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